The Trade Union Jyty (Ammattiliitto Jyty) is a union founded in 1918. Jyty represents persons working for municipalities, joint municipal authorities, parishes as well as the private sectors and among other things the third sector. You can enroll in the union's member branches if your employer is a municipality, a joint municipal authority or similar. A person with a private or another employer can also enroll in the union's branches, if the employer complies with the private sector collective agreements. The employer's activity field can be for instance citizens' basic and health services. The member branches in the church trade can enlist persons that work for a parish, a church community or other church employers as members.

Efficient local activities The regional service net is the strength of our union. It consists of about 160 member branches all over the country. The member branches are mainly so called local associations, in which the members have organized themselves regardless of profession, either covering one or several employers. The trusteeship and the professionalism of the members are also promoted through several national and cooperation associations.

The size and width of Jyty ensures the members a good negotiation position when negotiating salary and other working conditions and when mediating in working life questions. The members receive a high quality service close to where they are. Jyty is a negotiating part in the collective agreements of the municipal and church trade through the Municipal Trade Union and the Church Trade Union. The union also makes collective agreements with employer unions that belong to the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK as well as to private employer associations. An employment condition agreement has been set up with the municipal pension insurance.

According to the Finnish language dictionary the word Jyty figuratively means energy, vigor, speed and force. In other words the best characterizing for a trusteeship organization!

Jyty is a member union of the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK.