Visibility through cooperation

Jyty is a fluent player on many fields and makes brave openings for the best of its members. We are not content just to secure when help is needed. We also aim to predict in order for insecure situations not to arise.

Jyty works close to you, no matter where in Finland you live. We work as a link between the labour market and the employee in all situations: We take care of collective agreements, we negotiate actively for better work conditions and we create a safety net for the individual employee. Together we are always stronger – so join Jyty now!

10 reasons to belong to the union

Why should I be a union member? What use and benefits do I get as a union member?

Your membership benefits

  •  Professional trusteeship. Your salary and other work relationship issues are promoted and developed actively.
  • You receive the services of the shop steward and work relationship counselling at your work place
  • You receive free agreement and legal aid with work life problems
  • Your security is guaranteed in lay-off and unemployment situations
  • Your member fee is more inexpensive than in many unions
  • You receive legal protection and a third party insurance

Other nice member card benefits

  • As a Jyty member you can develop through courses in diverse training. On offer are both education leading to an exam and vocational training.
  • A free leisure time accident and travel insurance along with discounts on other IF insurances, for instance the cheapest Primus life insurance on the market.
  • Efficient professional information, among other things the union's own Jyty paper
  • Jyty is active in many events, expos and seminars
  • You benefit from inexpensive holiday and recreational objects, among other things holiday cabins
  • You receive discounts from a set of our cooperation partners, such as banks, service stations and travel