Membership information

Permanent member

As a permanent member you belong to a member branch of Jyty. You belong to the Unemployment Fund Aaria automatically if you have not prohibited it when joining. At your disposal you have the diverse member benefits and services of the union. Read more

Student member

A student member has the same member benefits and services as a permanent member. When you join Jyty, also join The Unemployment Fund Aaria. You can earn work condition weeks already during the student membership period. Read more on the Student pages in finnish.

Support member

A retiring member can still be a part of the member branch as a support member, if the branch agrees on this. A support member does not have any union member fee obligations, right to vote or election rights in the Jyty organs. A support member has the right to attend and speak at branch meetings.

You can also join the Jyty seniors. Read more on the Jyty seniors' website.

Free member

Free memberships have not been granted since 1.1.2005.

Active member

As a permanent or student member you can participate and influence the decision making of your branch and handle different tasks.

The different tasks of the branch: shop steward, chairman, secretary, board member, membership handler, treasurer, informer, person in charge of training and person in charge of youth. The branch is represented at the negotiation table and in cooperation groups. As a member your activity and support is important for the branch operations.

The active members have Omanetti (= the Union extranet) at their disposal. It contains directed information, publications, statistics, forms and bulletins.

Keep your details up to date

An up-to-date member register has a great significance for the trusteeship of the union. By keeping the details up to date you ensure that you get the most out of your membership! Keep your e-mail address up to date in order to receive messages about the membership and the member benefits.

Forwarding details

The Trade union Jyty keeps a member register for collecting of member fees, handling of trusteeship matters, member services and gathering of statistic information.

The information about the member fees is forwarded to the taxation office and about the member details to the insurance company that produces the member insurance.

Contact details are forwarded only for marketing of member benefits, unless you have prohibited forwarding of the information.

Register statement