Member benefits

Work relationship counselling

A comprehensive and tight branch network gives negotiation power. Active regional activities are a condition for a successful trusteeship.

At the branch the following persons are working for your and other members’ best: the shop steward, the chairman, the staff representative, the secretary, the membership handler, the informer, the treasurer, the persons in charge of training and the youth. Give them your support! The branch represents you at the negotiation table and in the cooperation groups.

Free legal aid

A notable member benefit is the legal aid and the legal counselling in matters regarding the work relationship. The service is free of charge.

Protection against unemployment

As a Jyty member you are insured by The Unemployment Fund Aaria. If you become unemployed or laid off you are entitled to income related compensation. The Jyty shop steward at your work place and the unemployment fund give you advice on what to do if unemployment is at hand.

There must not be a gap of more than 30 days between memberships in different unemployment funds, so when joining Jyty, see to it that also the unemployment fund membership remains valid. The unemployment fund also gives you advice regarding compensation for job alternation leave and when applying for training support.

See more comprehensive instructions on the website of the unemployment fund. From there you can go to the Web teller, where you among other things can send a benefit application as well as check its handling and pay days.

Liability and legal protection insurance

​A part of the Jyty member benefits is the liability and legal protection insurance for professionals at the If insurance company. People insured are union members working for municipalities, joint municipal authorities and parishes, and persons in working relationships with companies and institutions owned by these, as well as, still in the same trade, persons working for other employees in matters regarding the insured person’s own working relationship. Student members doing their work practice are also insured. The liability and legal protection insurance is valid when the membership is six months old.

In matters regarding applying for legal protection one should always turn to the union lawyer first.

The liability insurance does not contain so called property damage (late accounts, financial deficits, etc). Instead the legal protection insurance can be used in possible trials in these matters. The liability and legal protection insurance is valid in the Nordic countries. The insurance conditions and the damage notification forms can be obtained at the If offices.

Leisure time accident and traveller´s insurance

Insured are all union labour members and employees that are under 68 years old, that permanently live in Finland more than six months per calendar year and whose permanent address is in Finland and that belong to the Finnish social security. Persons working, unemployed and those on a family leave or receiving other similar statutory compensation are considered to be labour members. The insurance protection is valid to the end of the year that the insured turns 68 or retires.

The membership is defined on basis of the union or its member branches regulations. If asked, the union confirms that the damage claimer has had a valid insurance at the time of the accident.

The insurance protection is tied to the organisation membership. If a member quits or is dismissed from the organization, the insurance protection ends immediately.

The Jyty magazine

As a member benefit you receive the diverse about 44 pages thick Jyty paper every month (except July-August). Take a look at the latest Jyty paper on the web.


The training Jyty offers is every member’s right – and free for members!

Training for staff representatives

Through the courses meant for the staff representatives you get knowledge about your own trusteeship at your work place. Jyty trains the persons elected to positions of trust. Jyty supports studies at the Aktiivi-instituutti courses. Aktiivi-instituutti is a working life training centre in Helsinki. In accordance with the training agreements the employer pays salary to those elected to trusteeship positions (the shop steward, the cooperation representative, the occupational health and safety delegate, the chairman)for the training period, since the courses are held on working days during working hours.

Training for all members

Jyty arranges weekend courses that are open to all the members. The courses handle work health and association activities. The union courses prepare you for changes in working life and also keep you up to date professionally.

Jyty cooperates with many learning institutions that offer vocational training. On offer are both training leading to exams and further vocational training to the members’ different occupations.

For young people aged 20-35 there is the Young Jyty Member training that the head office pays for in its entirety.

Child care support

A member is entitled to compensation for care of children under the age of 12 when the reason is participation in training in accordance with the training plan. Send your support application form to the union through your branch.


​Jyty has taken out a Union insurance as protection for the members. This insurance includes protection for travel and accident in case of damage. For damage in your profession the union member also has an Occupational liability and legal protection insurance. On top of this you are insured with an Organisation insurance when you participate in union events.

Student members in work practice are also insured. The liability and legal protection insurance is valid when the membership has lasted six months. On the union membership card the insurance details are printed, which means it also works as traveller’s insurance card.

Additional insurance protection?

Union members and their family members are entitled to life and accident insurances, for which generous discounts, up to 50 per cent, have been negotiated. The insured party can be the union member and also her/his spouse and children, also in a case where the member herself/himself has not taken out an insurance.

For the children we offer a diverse accident insurance that is valid until their 18th birthday. The protection of both adults and children are valid all over the world.

Ryhmäsampo Primus is a life and accident insurance that If’s life insurance partner and Finland’s oldest life insurance company Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva are offering.

You can take out the insurance for yourself and your family at an advantageous member price. It is now even easier to take out Primus yourself on the net. By purchasing on the net you receive a 10% discount on the charge of the first year.

Test the level of your need for a life insurance and purchase the insurance on the address

The insurance conditions for all Jyty members are described more in detail on If´s website

Other benefits

Holiday cabins

As a Jyty member you can rent high class holiday apartments and cabins all around Finland at a member price.


The members can apply for the Jyty training foundation scholarship for additional vocational training for your work. More about applying in the Jyty paper. More information from Vesa-Matti Mäkinen (

Member events

Jyty arranges a lot of different events both regionally and nationally. At many events a more theoretic part is combined with freer and more relaxed activities.

Winter and autumn days

The Jyty autumn and winter days gather hundreds of Jyty members from around Finland to spend their spare time in a relaxed way. The days are always arranged in different places in Finland and the right to arrange the days is granted by the union board based on applications from the branches. The branches had better apply well ahead of the days – at least 18 months before the event. The days contain nice competitions, in which the branches or the regions can participate with their own teams. The competitions are for fun.

On top of this you receive benefits regarding cars, accommodation, travel, banking, subscriptions and living.