​Jyty support you at your workplace

The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees Jyty is the guardian of its 50,000 members. The Jyty members work within the basic and welfare services in municipalities, joint municipal authorities, parishes, the private sector and non-profit organisations. Jyty has a comprehensive local and national network that brings negotiation power to the guardianship.

The members are served by the member branches, the central office and eight regional offices. We handle collective agreements, we actively negotiate for better working conditions and create a safety net for the individual employee. Jyty negotiates collective agreements for the municipal, private and church sectors. Jyty is a member of the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK.

Why belong to Jyty?

- Jyty negotiates your working conditions.
- You receive work relationship counselling and legal services.
- At your workplace you are represented by the shop steward.
- Through education you complete your competence.
- The liability and legal expenses insurance is your insurance protection at the workplace.
- As a member you are insured at the unemployment fund in case of unemployment.
- The leisure time accident and travel insurance protect you all over the world.
- Efficient labour market and professional information in the in-depth Jyty paper.
- Relax at Jytys cabins and holiday apartments.
- Benefits from insurances, ship cruises, accommodation as well as fuel discounts.

Join Jyty!

Join Jyty easily! As a member of Jyty you are also a member of the The Public and Private Sector Unemployment Fund (JYTK). As an ordinary member you are part of Jyty through the local or profession branch. The shop steward represents you at the negotiation table and in cooperation groups.

Trade guides

Jyty develops its members' vocational competence, identity and public spirit as well as strengthens the recognition and prestige of the represented trades on the labour market. Vocational websites and trade guides relate to the working days of these trades and to current issues.

Jyty's unemployment fund

As a member of The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees, you are also insured at the Unemployment Fund for Public and Private Sector Employees. In a case of unemployment, contact Unemployment Fund (www.jytk.fi)

Jyty's membership benefits

As a Jyty member you receive protection against unemployment, educations and trusteeship assistance, but also other great benefits, such as insurance, holiday cabins, ship cruises, etc.