How to deal with issues concerning your employment?

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    First discuss with your employer.

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    If your employer can´t help or you have different opinions about the matter, contact the shop steward, whose contact details you get from your Jyty organisation.

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    If these procedures don´t help, contact Jyty´s regional office.

Trade guides

Jyty develops its members' vocational competence, identity and public spirit as well as strengthens the recognition and prestige of the represented trades on the labour market. Vocational websites and trade guides relate to the working days of these trades and to current issues.

Jyty's unemployment fund

To become a member of The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees, you need to do paid work for municipalities, joint municipal authorities, parishes, church communities and other municipal and church communities as well as persons that work for companies and institutions owned by these, and that lives in Finland and meet the conditions as stated in the rules of the fund, and that are less than 68 years of age.

Jyty's membership benefits

As a Jyty member you receive protection against unemployment, educations and trusteeship assistance, but also other great benefits, such as insurance, holiday cabins, ship cruises, etc.